DPDK  18.05.1
Data Fields
rte_eventdev_ops Struct Reference

#include <rte_eventdev_pmd.h>

Data Fields

eventdev_info_get_t dev_infos_get
eventdev_configure_t dev_configure
eventdev_start_t dev_start
eventdev_stop_t dev_stop
eventdev_close_t dev_close
eventdev_queue_default_conf_get_t queue_def_conf
eventdev_queue_setup_t queue_setup
eventdev_queue_release_t queue_release
eventdev_port_default_conf_get_t port_def_conf
eventdev_port_setup_t port_setup
eventdev_port_release_t port_release
eventdev_port_link_t port_link
eventdev_port_unlink_t port_unlink
eventdev_dequeue_timeout_ticks_t timeout_ticks
eventdev_xstats_get_t xstats_get
eventdev_xstats_get_names_t xstats_get_names
eventdev_xstats_get_by_name xstats_get_by_name
eventdev_xstats_reset_t xstats_reset
eventdev_eth_rx_adapter_caps_get_t eth_rx_adapter_caps_get
eventdev_eth_rx_adapter_queue_add_t eth_rx_adapter_queue_add
eventdev_eth_rx_adapter_queue_del_t eth_rx_adapter_queue_del
eventdev_eth_rx_adapter_start_t eth_rx_adapter_start
eventdev_eth_rx_adapter_stop_t eth_rx_adapter_stop
eventdev_eth_rx_adapter_stats_get eth_rx_adapter_stats_get
eventdev_eth_rx_adapter_stats_reset eth_rx_adapter_stats_reset
eventdev_timer_adapter_caps_get_t timer_adapter_caps_get
eventdev_crypto_adapter_caps_get_t crypto_adapter_caps_get
eventdev_crypto_adapter_queue_pair_add_t crypto_adapter_queue_pair_add
eventdev_crypto_adapter_queue_pair_del_t crypto_adapter_queue_pair_del
eventdev_crypto_adapter_start_t crypto_adapter_start
eventdev_crypto_adapter_stop_t crypto_adapter_stop
eventdev_crypto_adapter_stats_get crypto_adapter_stats_get
eventdev_crypto_adapter_stats_reset crypto_adapter_stats_reset
eventdev_selftest dev_selftest
eventdev_stop_flush_t dev_stop_flush

Detailed Description

Event device operations function pointer table

Definition at line 793 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

Field Documentation

eventdev_info_get_t dev_infos_get

Get device info.

Definition at line 794 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_configure_t dev_configure

Configure device.

Definition at line 795 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_start_t dev_start

Start device.

Definition at line 796 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_stop_t dev_stop

Stop device.

Definition at line 797 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_close_t dev_close

Close device.

Definition at line 798 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

Get default queue configuration.

Definition at line 801 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

Set up an event queue.

Definition at line 803 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_queue_release_t queue_release

Release an event queue.

Definition at line 805 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

Get default port configuration.

Definition at line 808 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

Set up an event port.

Definition at line 810 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

Release an event port.

Definition at line 812 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

Link event queues to an event port.

Definition at line 815 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

Unlink event queues from an event port.

Definition at line 817 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

Converts ns to timeout_ticks value for rte_event_dequeue()

Definition at line 819 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

Get extended device statistics.

Definition at line 824 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_xstats_get_names_t xstats_get_names

Get names of extended stats.

Definition at line 826 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_xstats_get_by_name xstats_get_by_name

Get one value by name.

Definition at line 828 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

Reset the statistics values in xstats.

Definition at line 830 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_eth_rx_adapter_caps_get_t eth_rx_adapter_caps_get

Get ethernet Rx adapter capabilities

Definition at line 833 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_eth_rx_adapter_queue_add_t eth_rx_adapter_queue_add

Add Rx queues to ethernet Rx adapter

Definition at line 835 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_eth_rx_adapter_queue_del_t eth_rx_adapter_queue_del

Delete Rx queues from ethernet Rx adapter

Definition at line 837 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_eth_rx_adapter_start_t eth_rx_adapter_start

Start ethernet Rx adapter

Definition at line 839 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_eth_rx_adapter_stop_t eth_rx_adapter_stop

Stop ethernet Rx adapter

Definition at line 841 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_eth_rx_adapter_stats_get eth_rx_adapter_stats_get

Get ethernet Rx stats

Definition at line 843 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_eth_rx_adapter_stats_reset eth_rx_adapter_stats_reset

Reset ethernet Rx stats

Definition at line 845 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_timer_adapter_caps_get_t timer_adapter_caps_get

Get timer adapter capabilities

Definition at line 848 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_crypto_adapter_caps_get_t crypto_adapter_caps_get

Get crypto adapter capabilities

Definition at line 851 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_crypto_adapter_queue_pair_add_t crypto_adapter_queue_pair_add

Add queue pair to crypto adapter

Definition at line 853 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_crypto_adapter_queue_pair_del_t crypto_adapter_queue_pair_del

Delete queue pair from crypto adapter

Definition at line 855 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_crypto_adapter_start_t crypto_adapter_start

Start crypto adapter

Definition at line 857 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_crypto_adapter_stop_t crypto_adapter_stop

Stop crypto adapter

Definition at line 859 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_crypto_adapter_stats_get crypto_adapter_stats_get

Get crypto stats

Definition at line 861 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_crypto_adapter_stats_reset crypto_adapter_stats_reset

Reset crypto stats

Definition at line 863 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_selftest dev_selftest

Start eventdev Selftest

Definition at line 866 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

eventdev_stop_flush_t dev_stop_flush

User-provided event flush function

Definition at line 869 of file rte_eventdev_pmd.h.

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