DPDK  17.11.10
Public Member Functions | Data Fields
rte_ring Struct Reference

#include <rte_ring.h>

Public Member Functions

struct rte_ring_headtail prod __rte_aligned (PROD_ALIGN)
struct rte_ring_headtail cons __rte_aligned (CONS_ALIGN)

Data Fields

char name[RTE_MEMZONE_NAMESIZE__rte_cache_aligned
int flags
const struct rte_memzonememzone
uint32_t size
uint32_t mask
uint32_t capacity

Detailed Description

An RTE ring structure.

The producer and the consumer have a head and a tail index. The particularity of these index is that they are not between 0 and size(ring). These indexes are between 0 and 2^32, and we mask their value when we access the ring[] field. Thanks to this assumption, we can do subtractions between 2 index values in a modulo-32bit base: that's why the overflow of the indexes is not a problem.

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Definition at line 146 of file rte_ring.h.

Member Function Documentation

struct rte_ring_headtail prod __rte_aligned ( PROD_ALIGN  )

Ring producer status.

struct rte_ring_headtail cons __rte_aligned ( CONS_ALIGN  )

Ring consumer status.

Field Documentation

char name [RTE_MEMZONE_NAMESIZE] __rte_cache_aligned

Name of the ring.

Definition at line 152 of file rte_ring.h.

int flags

Flags supplied at creation.


Definition at line 153 of file rte_ring.h.

const struct rte_memzone* memzone

Memzone, if any, containing the rte_ring

Definition at line 154 of file rte_ring.h.

uint32_t size
uint32_t mask

Mask (size-1) of ring.

Definition at line 157 of file rte_ring.h.

uint32_t capacity

Usable size of ring

Definition at line 158 of file rte_ring.h.

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