DPDK  17.05.2
Data Fields
rte_pipeline_port_out_params Struct Reference

#include <rte_pipeline.h>

Data Fields

struct rte_port_out_opsops
void * arg_create
rte_pipeline_port_out_action_handler f_action
void * arg_ah

Detailed Description

Parameters for pipeline output port creation. The action handlers have to

be either both enabled or both disabled (by setting them to NULL). When enabled, the pipeline selects between them at different moments, based on the number of packets that have to be sent to the same output port.

examples/ip_pipeline/pipeline/pipeline_firewall_be.c, examples/ip_pipeline/pipeline/pipeline_flow_actions_be.c, examples/ip_pipeline/pipeline/pipeline_flow_classification_be.c, examples/ip_pipeline/pipeline/pipeline_passthrough_be.c, and examples/ip_pipeline/pipeline/pipeline_routing_be.c.

Definition at line 733 of file rte_pipeline.h.

Field Documentation

struct rte_port_out_ops* ops

Output port operations (specific to each table type)

Definition at line 735 of file rte_pipeline.h.

void* arg_create

Opaque parameter to be passed to create operation when invoked

Definition at line 737 of file rte_pipeline.h.

Callback function executing the user actions on bust of input


Definition at line 741 of file rte_pipeline.h.

void* arg_ah

Opaque parameter to be passed to the action handler when invoked

Definition at line 743 of file rte_pipeline.h.

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