9. Security Performance Tool

The dpdk-test-security-perf tool is a Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) utility to test rte_security session create/destroy rates. Test covers supported combinations of cipher and auth algorithms.

9.1. Limitations

  • Test only ESP tunnel mode with IPv4.

9.2. Running the Application

9.2.1. EAL Command-line Options

Please refer to EAL parameters (Linux) or EAL parameters (FreeBSD) for a list of available EAL command-line options.

9.2.2. Security Performance Options

The following are the command-line options for the security performance application. They must be separated from the EAL options, shown in the previous section, with a -- separator:

sudo ./dpdk-test-security-perf -- --nb-sess=163840 --inbound

The command-line options are:

Display a help message and quit.
Set the number of sessions to be created, default value is 163840.
IPsec SA direction to be tested with. By default if this option is not provided, outbound direction will be tested.