DPDK  23.03.0
Data Fields
rte_hash_rcu_config Struct Reference

#include <rte_hash.h>

Data Fields

struct rte_rcu_qsbr * v
enum rte_hash_qsbr_mode mode
uint32_t dq_size
uint32_t trigger_reclaim_limit
uint32_t max_reclaim_size
void * key_data_ptr
rte_hash_free_key_data free_key_data_func

Detailed Description

HASH RCU QSBR configuration structure.

Definition at line 101 of file rte_hash.h.

Field Documentation

◆ v

struct rte_rcu_qsbr* v

RCU QSBR variable.

Definition at line 102 of file rte_hash.h.

◆ mode

enum rte_hash_qsbr_mode mode

Mode of RCU QSBR. RTE_HASH_QSBR_MODE_xxx '0' for default: create defer queue for reclaim.

Definition at line 103 of file rte_hash.h.

◆ dq_size

uint32_t dq_size

RCU defer queue size. default: total hash table entries.

Definition at line 107 of file rte_hash.h.

◆ trigger_reclaim_limit

uint32_t trigger_reclaim_limit

Threshold to trigger auto reclaim.

Definition at line 111 of file rte_hash.h.

◆ max_reclaim_size

uint32_t max_reclaim_size

Max entries to reclaim in one go. default: RTE_HASH_RCU_DQ_RECLAIM_MAX.

Definition at line 112 of file rte_hash.h.

◆ key_data_ptr

void* key_data_ptr

Pointer passed to the free function. Typically, this is the pointer to the data structure to which the resource to free (key-data) belongs. This can be NULL.

Definition at line 116 of file rte_hash.h.

◆ free_key_data_func

rte_hash_free_key_data free_key_data_func

Function to call to free the resource (key-data).

Definition at line 121 of file rte_hash.h.

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