DPDK  20.08.0
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rte_debug.h File Reference
#include "rte_log.h"
#include "rte_branch_prediction.h"

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#define rte_panic(...)   rte_panic_(__func__, __VA_ARGS__, "dummy")


void rte_dump_stack (void)
void rte_dump_registers (void)

Detailed Description

Debug Functions in RTE

This file defines a generic API for debug operations. Part of the implementation is architecture-specific.

Definition in file rte_debug.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define rte_panic (   ...)    rte_panic_(__func__, __VA_ARGS__, "dummy")

Function Documentation

void rte_dump_stack ( void  )

Dump the stack of the calling core to the console.

void rte_dump_registers ( void  )

Dump the registers of the calling core to the console.

Note: Not implemented in a userapp environment; use gdb instead.