DPDK  20.08.0
rte_cpuflags.h File Reference
#include "rte_common.h"
#include <errno.h>

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__extension__ const char * rte_cpu_get_flag_name (enum rte_cpu_flag_t feature)
__extension__ int rte_cpu_get_flag_enabled (enum rte_cpu_flag_t feature)
int rte_cpu_is_supported (void)
unsigned long rte_cpu_getauxval (unsigned long type)
int rte_cpu_strcmp_auxval (unsigned long type, const char *str)

Detailed Description

Architecture specific API to determine available CPU features at runtime.

Definition in file rte_cpuflags.h.

Function Documentation

__extension__ const char* rte_cpu_get_flag_name ( enum rte_cpu_flag_t  feature)

Get name of CPU flag

featureCPU flag ID
flag name NULL if flag ID is invalid
__extension__ int rte_cpu_get_flag_enabled ( enum rte_cpu_flag_t  feature)

Function for checking a CPU flag availability

featureCPU flag to query CPU for
1 if flag is available 0 if flag is not available -ENOENT if flag is invalid
int rte_cpu_is_supported ( void  )

This function checks that the currently used CPU supports the CPU features that were specified at compile time. It is called automatically within the EAL, so does not need to be used by applications. This version returns a result so that decisions may be made (for instance, graceful shutdowns).

unsigned long rte_cpu_getauxval ( unsigned long  type)

This function attempts to retrieve a value from the auxiliary vector. If it is unsuccessful, the result will be 0, and errno will be set.

A value from the auxiliary vector. When the value is 0, check errno to determine if an error occurred.
int rte_cpu_strcmp_auxval ( unsigned long  type,
const char *  str 

This function retrieves a value from the auxiliary vector, and compares it as a string against the value retrieved.

The result of calling strcmp() against the value retrieved from the auxiliary vector. When the value is 0 (meaning a match is found), check errno to determine if an error occurred.