69. Building Your Own Application

69.1. Compiling a Sample Application in the Development Kit Directory

To compile a sample application with make (for example, hello world):

~/DPDK$ cd examples/helloworld/
~/DPDK/examples/helloworld$ make

The binary is generated in the build directory by default:

~/DPDK/examples/helloworld$ ls build/app
helloworld helloworld.map

Please refer to Compiling the DPDK Target from Source for details on compiling with meson.

69.2. Build Your Own Application Outside the Development Kit

The sample application (Hello World) can be duplicated in a new directory as a starting point for your development:

~$ cp -r DPDK/examples/helloworld my_rte_app
~$ cd my_rte_app/
~/my_rte_app$ make

69.3. Customizing Makefiles

69.3.1. Application Makefile

The default makefile provided with the Hello World sample application is a good starting point.

The user must define several variables:

  • APP: Contains the name of the application.
  • SRCS-y: List of source files (*.c, *.S).