5. Cross compiling DPDK for LoongArch

This chapter describes how to cross compile DPDK for LoongArch from x86 build hosts.


Due to some of the code under review, the current Linux 5.19 cannot boot on LoongArch system. There are still some Linux distributions that have supported LoongArch host, such as Anolis OS, Kylin, Loongnix and UOS. These distributions base on Linux kernel 4.19 supported by Loongson Corporation. Because LoongArch is such a new platform with many fundamental pieces of software still under development, it is currently recommended to cross compile DPDK on x86 for LoongArch.

5.1. Prerequisites

Ensure that you have all pre-requisites for building DPDK natively as those will be required also for cross-compilation.

5.1.1. Linux kernel

Make sure that LoongArch host is running Linux kernel 4.19 or newer supported by Loongson Corporation. The support for LoongArch in the current Linux 5.19 is not complete because it still misses some patches to add for other subsystems.

5.2. GNU toolchain

5.2.1. Obtain the cross toolchain

The build process was tested using a precompiled toolchain:

After downloading the archive, we need to unzip and add those executable binaries into the PATH as follows:

tar -xvf <download_dir>/loongarch64-clfs-5.1-cross-tools-gcc-glibc.tar.xz -C <cross_tool_install_dir> --strip-components 1
export PATH=$PATH:<cross_tool_install_dir>/bin

5.2.2. Generate the cross toolchain from sources

Alternatively the toolchain may be built straight from upstream sources. You can refer to this thread Introduce support for LoongArch architecture.

Before you start running the script, you may need to install some dependencies. For instance, if you want to run this script in a RHEL 8 system, you can use the following command to install these dependencies:

subscription-manager repos --enable codeready-builder-for-rhel-8-x86_64-rpms
dnf install bison diffutils file flex gcc gcc-c++ git gmp-devel libtool make python3 rsync texinfo wget xz zlib-devel ccache

Once generated, the location of the executable binaries must be added to PATH:

export PATH=$PATH:<cross_tool_install_dir>/bin

5.2.3. Cross Compiling DPDK with GNU toolchain using Meson

To cross-compile DPDK for generic LoongArch we can use the following command:

meson setup cross-build --cross-file config/loongarch/loongarch_loongarch64_linux_gcc
ninja -C cross-build

5.3. Supported cross-compilation targets

Currently the following target is supported:

  • Generic LoongArch64 ISA: config/loongarch/loongarch_loongarch64_linux_gcc

To add a new target support, a corresponding cross-file has to be added to config/loongarch directory.