15. Marvell NITROX Crypto Poll Mode Driver

The Nitrox crypto poll mode driver provides support for offloading cryptographic operations to the NITROX V security processor. Detailed information about the NITROX V security processor can be obtained here:

15.1. Features

Nitrox crypto PMD has support for:

Cipher algorithms:


Hash algorithms:


Supported AEAD algorithms:


15.2. Limitations

  • Session-less APIs are not supported.

15.3. Initialization

Nitrox crypto PMD depend on Nitrox kernel PF driver being installed on the platform. Nitrox PF driver is required to create VF devices which will be used by the PMD. Each VF device can enable one cryptodev PMD.

Nitrox kernel PF driver is available as part of CNN55XX-Driver SDK. The SDK and it’s installation instructions can be obtained from: Marvell Technical Documentation Portal.