5. EAL parameters

This document contains a list of all EAL parameters. These parameters can be used by any DPDK application running on FreeBSD.

5.1. Common EAL parameters

The following EAL parameters are common to all platforms supported by DPDK.

5.1.5. Debugging options

  • --no-shconf

    No shared files created (implies no secondary process support).

  • --no-huge

    Use anonymous memory instead of hugepages (implies no secondary process support).

  • --log-level <type:val>

    Specify log level for a specific component. For example:

    --log-level lib.eal:debug

    Can be specified multiple times.

  • --trace=<regex-match>

    Enable trace based on regular expression trace name. By default, the trace is disabled. User must specify this option to enable trace. For example:

    Global trace configuration for EAL only:


    Global trace configuration for ALL the components:


    Can be specified multiple times up to 32 times.

  • --trace-dir=<directory path>

    Specify trace directory for trace output. For example:

    Configuring /tmp/ as a trace output directory:


    By default, trace output will created at home directory and parameter must be specified once only.

  • --trace-bufsz=<val>

    Specify maximum size of allocated memory for trace output for each thread. Valid unit can be either B or K or M for Bytes, KBytes and MBytes respectively. For example:

    Configuring 2MB as a maximum size for trace output file:


    By default, size of trace output file is 1MB and parameter must be specified once only.

  • --trace-mode=<o[verwrite] | d[iscard] >

    Specify the mode of update of trace output file. Either update on a file can be wrapped or discarded when file size reaches its maximum limit. For example:

    To discard update on trace output file:

    --trace-mode=d or --trace-mode=discard

    Default mode is overwrite and parameter must be specified once only.

5.1.6. Other options

  • -h, --help

    Display help message listing all EAL parameters.

  • -v

    Display the version information on startup.

  • mbuf-pool-ops-name:

    Pool ops name for mbuf to use.

  • --telemetry:

Enable telemetry (enabled by default).
  • --no-telemetry:
Disable telemetry.

5.2. FreeBSD-specific EAL parameters

There are currently no FreeBSD-specific EAL command-line parameters available.