1. OCTEON TX FPAVF Mempool Driver

The OCTEON TX FPAVF PMD (librte_mempool_octeontx) is a mempool driver for offload mempool device found in Cavium OCTEON TX SoC family.

More information can be found at Cavium, Inc Official Website.

1.1. Features

Features of the OCTEON TX FPAVF PMD are:

  • 32 SR-IOV Virtual functions
  • 32 Pools
  • HW mempool manager

1.2. Supported OCTEON TX SoCs

  • CN83xx

1.3. Prerequisites

See :doc: ../platform/octeontx.rst for setup information.

1.4. Pre-Installation Configuration

1.4.1. Config File Options

The following options can be modified in the config file. Please note that enabling debugging options may affect system performance.

  • CONFIG_RTE_MBUF_DEFAULT_MEMPOOL_OPS ( set to octeontx_fpavf)

    Set default mempool ops to octeontx_fpavf.


    Toggle compilation of the librte_mempool_octeontx driver.

1.4.2. Driver Compilation

To compile the OCTEON TX FPAVF MEMPOOL PMD for Linux arm64 gcc target, run the following make command:

cd <DPDK-source-directory>
make config T=arm64-thunderx-linux-gcc

1.5. Initialization

The OCTEON TX fpavf mempool initialization similar to other mempool drivers like ring. However user need to pass –base-virtaddr as command line input to application example test_mempool.c application.


./build/app/test -c 0xf --base-virtaddr=0x100000000000 \