20. ICE Poll Mode Driver

The ice PMD (librte_pmd_ice) provides poll mode driver support for 10/25 Gbps IntelĀ® Ethernet 810 Series Network Adapters based on the Intel Ethernet Controller E810.

20.1. Prerequisites

20.2. Pre-Installation Configuration

20.2.1. Config File Options

The following options can be modified in the config file. Please note that enabling debugging options may affect system performance.


    Toggle compilation of the librte_pmd_ice driver.


    Toggle display of generic debugging messages.


    Toggle bulk allocation for RX.


    Toggle to use a 16-byte RX descriptor, by default the RX descriptor is 32 byte.

20.2.2. Runtime Config Options

  • Maximum Number of Queue Pairs

    The maximum number of queue pairs is decided by HW. If not configured, APP uses the number from HW. Users can check the number by calling the API rte_eth_dev_info_get. If users want to limit the number of queues, they can set a smaller number using EAL parameter like max_queue_pair_num=n.

20.3. Driver compilation and testing

Refer to the document compiling and testing a PMD for a NIC for details.

20.4. Sample Application Notes

20.4.1. Vlan filter

Vlan filter only works when Promiscuous mode is off.

To start testpmd, and add vlan 10 to port 0:

./app/testpmd -l 0-15 -n 4 -- -i

testpmd> rx_vlan add 10 0

20.5. Limitations or Known issues

20.5.1. 19.02 limitation

Ice code released in 19.02 is for evaluation only.