2. DPDK Release 17.11

2.1. New Features

  • Extended port_id range from uint8_t to uint16_t.

    Increased the port_id range from 8 bits to 16 bits in order to support more than 256 ports in DPDK. All ethdev APIs which have port_id as parameter have been changed.

  • Modified the return type of rte_eth_stats_reset.

    Changed return type of rte_eth_stats_reset from void to int so that the caller can determine whether a device supports the operation or not and if the operation was carried out.

  • Added a new driver for Marvell Armada 7k/8k devices.

    Added the new mrvl net driver for Marvell Armada 7k/8k devices. See the MRVL Poll Mode Driver NIC guide for more details on this new driver.

  • Updated mlx4 driver.

    Updated the mlx4 driver including the following changes:

    • Isolated mode (rte_flow) can now be enabled anytime, not only during initial device configuration.
    • Flow rules now support up to 4096 priority levels usable at will by applications.
    • Enhanced error message to help debugging invalid/unsupported flow rules.
    • Flow rules matching all multicast and promiscuous traffic are now allowed.
    • No more software restrictions on flow rules with the RSS action, their configuration is much more flexible.
    • Significantly reduced memory footprint for Rx and Tx queue objects.
    • While supported, UDP RSS is temporarily disabled due to a remaining issue with its support in the Linux kernel.
    • The new RSS implementation does not automatically spread traffic according to the inner packet of VXLAN frames anymore, only the outer one (like other PMDs).
    • Partial (Tx only) support for secondary processes was broken and had to be removed.
    • Refactored driver to get rid of dependency on the components provided by Mellanox OFED and instead rely on the current and public rdma-core package and Linux version from now on.
    • Removed compile-time limitation on number of device instances the PMD can support.
  • Updated mlx5 driver.

    Updated the mlx5 driver including the following changes:

    • Enabled the PMD to run on top of upstream Linux kernel and rdma-core libs, removing the dependency on specific Mellanox OFED libraries.
    • Improved PMD latency performance.
    • Improved PMD memory footprint.
    • Added support for vectorized Rx/Tx burst for ARMv8.
    • Added support for secondary process.
    • Added support for flow counters.
    • Added support for Rx hardware timestamp offload.
    • Added support for device removal event.
  • Added SoftNIC PMD.

    Added a new SoftNIC PMD. This virtual device provides applications with software fallback support for traffic management.

  • Added support for NXP DPAA Devices.

    Added support for NXP’s DPAA devices - LS104x series. This includes:

    • DPAA Bus driver
    • DPAA Mempool driver for supporting offloaded packet memory pool
    • DPAA PMD for DPAA devices

    See the DPAA Poll Mode Driver document for more details of this new driver.

  • Updated support for Cavium OCTEONTX Device.

    Updated support for Cavium’s OCTEONTX device (CN83xx). This includes:

    • OCTEONTX Mempool driver for supporting offloaded packet memory pool
    • OCTEONTX Ethdev PMD
    • OCTEONTX Eventdev-Ethdev Rx adapter

    See the OCTEONTX Poll Mode driver document for more details of this new driver.

  • Added PF support to the Netronome NFP PMD.

    Added PF support to the Netronome NFP PMD. Previously the NFP PMD only supported VFs. PF support is just as a basic DPDK port and has no VF management yet.

    PF support comes with firmware upload support which allows the PMD to independently work from kernel netdev NFP drivers.

    NFP 4000 devices are also now supported along with previous 6000 devices.

  • Updated bnxt PMD.

    Major enhancements include:

    • Support for Flow API
    • Support for Tx and Rx descriptor status functions
  • Added bus agnostic functions to cryptodev for PMD initialization

    Added new PMD assist, bus independent, functions rte_cryptodev_pmd_parse_input_args(), rte_cryptodev_pmd_create() and rte_cryptodev_pmd_destroy() for drivers to manage creation and destruction of new device instances.

  • Updated QAT crypto PMD.

    Added several performance enhancements:

    • Removed atomics from the internal queue pair structure.
    • Added coalesce writes to HEAD CSR on response processing.
    • Added coalesce writes to TAIL CSR on request processing.

    In addition support was added for the AES CCM algorithm.

  • Updated the AESNI MB PMD.

    The AESNI MB PMD has been updated with additional support for:

    • The DES CBC algorithm.
    • The DES DOCSIS BPI algorithm.

    This change requires version 0.47 of the IPSec Multi-buffer library. For more details see the AESN-NI Multi Buffer Crypto Poll Mode Driver documentation.

  • Updated the OpenSSL PMD.

    The OpenSSL PMD has been updated with additional support for:

    • The DES CBC algorithm.
    • The AES CCM algorithm.
  • Added NXP DPAA SEC crypto PMD.

    A new dpaa_sec hardware based crypto PMD for NXP DPAA devices has been added. See the NXP DPAA CAAM (DPAA_SEC) document for more details.

  • Added MRVL crypto PMD.

    A new crypto PMD has been added, which provides several ciphering and hashing algorithms. All cryptography operations use the MUSDK library crypto API. See the MRVL Crypto Poll Mode Driver document for more details.

  • Add new benchmarking mode to dpdk-test-crypto-perf application.

    Added a new “PMD cyclecount” benchmark mode to the dpdk-test-crypto-perf application to display a detailed breakdown of CPU cycles used by hardware acceleration.

  • Added the Security Offload Library.

    Added an experimental library - rte_security. This provide security APIs for protocols like IPSec using inline ipsec offload to ethernet devices or full protocol offload with lookaside crypto devices.

    See the Security Library section of the DPDK Programmers Guide document for more information.

  • Updated the DPAA2_SEC crypto driver to support rte_security.

    Updated the dpaa2_sec crypto PMD to support rte_security lookaside protocol offload for IPSec.

  • Updated the IXGBE ethernet driver to support rte_security.

    Updated ixgbe ethernet PMD to support rte_security inline IPSec offload.

  • Updated ipsec-secgw application to support rte_security.

    Updated the ipsec-secgw sample application to support rte_security actions for ipsec inline and full protocol offload using lookaside crypto offload.

  • Added IOMMU support to libvhost-user

    Implemented device IOTLB in the Vhost-user backend, and enabled Virtio’s IOMMU feature. The feature is disabled by default, and can be enabled by setting RTE_VHOST_USER_IOMMU_SUPPORT flag at vhost device registration time.

  • Added the Event Ethernet Adapter Library.

    Added the Event Ethernet Adapter library. This library provides APIs for eventdev applications to configure the ethdev for eventdev packet flow.

  • Updated DPAA2 Event PMD for the Event Ethernet Adapter.

    Added support for the eventdev ethernet adapter for DPAA2.

  • Added Membership library (rte_member).

    Added a new data structure library called the Membership Library.

    The Membership Library is an extension and generalization of a traditional filter (for example Bloom Filter) structure that has multiple usages in a wide variety of workloads and applications. In general, the Membership Library is a data structure that provides a “set-summary” and responds to set-membership queries whether a certain member belongs to a set(s).

    The library provides APIs for DPDK applications to insert a new member, delete an existing member, and query the existence of a member in a given set, or a group of sets. For the case of a group of sets the library will return not only whether the element has been inserted in one of the sets but also which set it belongs to.

    See the Membership Library documentation in the Programmers Guide, for more information.

  • Added the Generic Segmentation Offload Library.

    Added the Generic Segmentation Offload (GSO) library to enable applications to split large packets (e.g. MTU is 64KB) into small ones (e.g. MTU is 1500B). Supported packet types are:

    • TCP/IPv4 packets.
    • VxLAN packets, which must have an outer IPv4 header, and contain an inner TCP/IPv4 packet.
    • GRE packets, which must contain an outer IPv4 header, and inner TCP/IPv4 headers.

    The GSO library doesn’t check if the input packets have correct checksums, and doesn’t update checksums for output packets. Additionally, the GSO library doesn’t process IP fragmented packets.

  • Added the Flow Classification Library.

    Added an experimental Flow Classification library to provide APIs for DPDK applications to classify an input packet by matching it against a set of flow rules. It uses the librte_table API to manage the flow rules.

2.2. Resolved Issues

  • Service core fails to call service callback due to atomic lock

    In a specific configuration of multi-thread unsafe services and service cores, a service core previously did not correctly release the atomic lock on the service. This would result in the cores polling the service, but it looked like another thread was executing the service callback. The logic for atomic locking of the services has been fixed and refactored for readability.

2.3. API Changes

  • Ethdev device name length increased.

    The size of internal device name has been increased to 64 characters to allow for storing longer bus specific names.

  • Removed the Ethdev RTE_ETH_DEV_DETACHABLE flag.

    Removed the Ethdev RTE_ETH_DEV_DETACHABLE flag. This flag is not required anymore, with the new hotplug implementation. It has been removed from the ether library. Its semantics are now expressed at the bus and PMD level.

  • Service cores API updated for usability

    The service cores API has been changed, removing pointers from the API where possible, and instead using integer IDs to identify each service. This simplifies application code, aids debugging, and provides better encapsulation. A summary of the main changes made is as follows:

    • Services identified by ID not by rte_service_spec pointer
    • Reduced API surface by using set functions instead of enable/disable
    • Reworked rte_service_register to provide the service ID to registrar
    • Reworked start and stop APIs into rte_service_runstate_set
    • Added API to set runstate of service implementation to indicate readiness
  • The following changes have been made in the mempool library

    • Moved flags datatype from int to unsigned int for rte_mempool.
    • Removed __rte_unused int flag param from rte_mempool_generic_put and rte_mempool_generic_get API.
    • Added flags param in rte_mempool_xmem_size and rte_mempool_xmem_usage.
    • rte_mem_phy2mch was used in Xen dom0 to obtain the physical address; remove this API as Xen dom0 support was removed.
  • Added IOVA aliases related to physical address handling.

    Some data types, structure members and functions related to physical address handling are deprecated and have new aliases with IOVA wording. For example:

    • phys_addr_t can be often replaced by rte_iova_t of same size.
    • RTE_BAD_PHYS_ADDR is often replaced by RTE_BAD_IOVA of same value.
    • rte_memseg.phys_addr is aliased with rte_memseg.iova_addr.
    • rte_mem_virt2phy() can often be replaced by rte_mem_virt2iova.
    • rte_malloc_virt2phy is aliased with rte_malloc_virt2iova.
    • rte_memzone.phys_addr is aliased with rte_memzone.iova.
    • rte_mempool_objhdr.physaddr is aliased with rte_mempool_objhdr.iova.
    • rte_mempool_memhdr.phys_addr is aliased with rte_mempool_memhdr.iova.
    • rte_mempool_virt2phy() can be replaced by rte_mempool_virt2iova().
    • rte_mempool_populate_phys*() are aliased with rte_mempool_populate_iova*()
    • rte_mbuf.buf_physaddr is aliased with rte_mbuf.buf_iova.
    • rte_mbuf_data_dma_addr*() are aliased with rte_mbuf_data_iova*().
    • rte_pktmbuf_mtophys* are aliased with rte_pktmbuf_iova*().
  • PCI bus API moved outside of the EAL

    The PCI bus previously implemented within the EAL has been moved. A first part has been added as an RTE library providing PCI helpers to parse device locations or other such utilities. A second part consisting of the actual bus driver has been moved to its proper subdirectory, without changing its functionalities.

    As such, several PCI-related functions are not exposed by the EAL anymore:

    • rte_pci_detach
    • rte_pci_dump
    • rte_pci_ioport_map
    • rte_pci_ioport_read
    • rte_pci_ioport_unmap
    • rte_pci_ioport_write
    • rte_pci_map_device
    • rte_pci_probe
    • rte_pci_probe_one
    • rte_pci_read_config
    • rte_pci_register
    • rte_pci_scan
    • rte_pci_unmap_device
    • rte_pci_unregister
    • rte_pci_write_config

    These functions are made available either as part of librte_pci or librte_bus_pci.

  • Moved vdev bus APIs outside of the EAL

    Moved the following APIs from librte_eal to librte_bus_vdev:

    • rte_vdev_init
    • rte_vdev_register
    • rte_vdev_uninit
    • rte_vdev_unregister
  • Add return value to stats_get dev op API

    The stats_get dev op API return value has been changed to be int. In this way PMDs can return an error value in case of failure at stats getting process time.

  • Modified the rte_cryptodev_allocate_driver function.

    Modified the rte_cryptodev_allocate_driver() function in the cryptodev library. An extra parameter struct cryptodev_driver *crypto_drv has been added.

  • Removed virtual device bus specific functions from librte_cryptodev.

    The functions rte_cryptodev_vdev_parse_init_params() and rte_cryptodev_vdev_pmd_init() have been removed from librte_cryptodev and have been replaced by non bus specific functions rte_cryptodev_pmd_parse_input_args() and rte_cryptodev_pmd_create().

    The rte_cryptodev_create_vdev() function was removed to avoid the dependency on vdev in librte_cryptodev; instead, users can call rte_vdev_init() directly.

  • Removed PCI device bus specific functions from librte_cryptodev.

    The functions rte_cryptodev_pci_generic_probe() and rte_cryptodev_pci_generic_remove() have been removed from librte_cryptodev and have been replaced by non bus specific functions rte_cryptodev_pmd_create() and rte_cryptodev_pmd_destroy().

  • Removed deprecated functions to manage log level or type.

    The functions rte_set_log_level(), rte_get_log_level(), rte_set_log_type() and rte_get_log_type() have been removed.

    They are respectively replaced by rte_log_set_global_level(), rte_log_get_global_level(), rte_log_set_level() and rte_log_get_level().

  • Removed mbuf flags PKT_RX_VLAN_PKT and PKT_RX_QINQ_PKT.

    The mbuf flags PKT_RX_VLAN_PKT and PKT_RX_QINQ_PKT have been removed since their behavior was not properly described.

  • Added mbuf flags PKT_RX_VLAN and PKT_RX_QINQ.

    Two mbuf flags have been added to indicate that the VLAN identifier has been saved in in the mbuf structure. For instance:

    • If VLAN is not stripped and TCI is saved: PKT_RX_VLAN
    • If VLAN is stripped and TCI is saved: PKT_RX_VLAN | PKT_RX_VLAN_STRIPPED
  • Modified the vlan_offload_set_t function prototype in the ethdev library.

    Modified the vlan_offload_set_t function prototype in the ethdev library. The return value has been changed from void to int so the caller can determine whether the backing device supports the operation or if the operation was successfully performed.

2.4. ABI Changes

  • Extended port_id range.

    The size of the field port_id in the rte_eth_dev_data structure has changed, as described in the New Features section above.

  • New parameter added to rte_eth_dev.

    A new parameter security_ctx has been added to rte_eth_dev to support security operations like IPSec inline.

  • New parameter added to rte_cryptodev.

    A new parameter security_ctx has been added to rte_cryptodev to support security operations like lookaside crypto.

2.5. Removed Items

  • Xen dom0 in EAL has been removed, as well as the xenvirt PMD and vhost_xen.
  • The crypto performance unit tests have been removed, replaced by the dpdk-test-crypto-perf application.

2.6. Shared Library Versions

The libraries prepended with a plus sign were incremented in this version.

+ librte_bitratestats.so.2
+ librte_bus_dpaa.so.1
+ librte_bus_fslmc.so.1
+ librte_bus_pci.so.1
+ librte_bus_vdev.so.1
+ librte_cryptodev.so.4
+ librte_eal.so.6
+ librte_ethdev.so.8
+ librte_eventdev.so.3
+ librte_flow_classify.so.1
+ librte_gso.so.1
+ librte_mempool.so.3
+ librte_pci.so.1
+ librte_pdump.so.2
+ librte_pmd_bnxt.so.2
+ librte_pmd_bond.so.2
+ librte_pmd_i40e.so.2
+ librte_pmd_ixgbe.so.2
+ librte_pmd_softnic.so.1
+ librte_pmd_vhost.so.2
+ librte_security.so.1
+ librte_table.so.3

2.7. Tested Platforms

  • Intel(R) platforms with Intel(R) NICs combinations

    • CPU
      • Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU C2758 @ 2.40GHz
      • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU D-1540 @ 2.00GHz
      • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU D-1541 @ 2.10GHz
      • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-4667 v3 @ 2.00GHz
      • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v2 @ 2.80GHz
      • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2699 v3 @ 2.30GHz
      • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2695 v4 @ 2.10GHz
      • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2658 v2 @ 2.40GHz
      • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2658 v3 @ 2.20GHz
    • OS:
      • CentOS 7.2
      • Fedora 25
      • Fedora 26
      • FreeBSD 11
      • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.3
      • SUSE Enterprise Linux 12
      • Wind River Linux 8
      • Ubuntu 16.04
      • Ubuntu 16.10
    • NICs:
      • Intel(R) 82599ES 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller
        • Firmware version: 0x61bf0001
        • Device id (pf/vf): 8086:10fb / 8086:10ed
        • Driver version: 5.2.3 (ixgbe)
      • Intel(R) Corporation Ethernet Connection X552/X557-AT 10GBASE-T
        • Firmware version: 0x800003e7
        • Device id (pf/vf): 8086:15ad / 8086:15a8
        • Driver version: 4.4.6 (ixgbe)
      • Intel(R) Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X710-DA4 (4x10G)
        • Firmware version: 6.01 0x80003205
        • Device id (pf/vf): 8086:1572 / 8086:154c
        • Driver version: 2.1.26 (i40e)
      • Intel(R) Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X710-DA2 (2x10G)
        • Firmware version: 6.01 0x80003204
        • Device id (pf/vf): 8086:1572 / 8086:154c
        • Driver version: 2.1.26 (i40e)
      • Intel(R) Ethernet Converged Network Adapter XXV710-DA2 (2x25G)
        • Firmware version: 6.01 0x80003221
        • Device id (pf/vf): 8086:158b
        • Driver version: 2.1.26 (i40e)
      • Intel(R) Ethernet Converged Network Adapter XL710-QDA2 (2X40G)
        • Firmware version: 6.01 0x8000321c
        • Device id (pf/vf): 8086:1583 / 8086:154c
        • Driver version: 2.1.26 (i40e)
      • Intel(R) Corporation I350 Gigabit Network Connection
        • Firmware version: 1.63, 0x80000dda
        • Device id (pf/vf): 8086:1521 / 8086:1520
        • Driver version: 5.3.0-k (igb)
  • Intel(R) platforms with Mellanox(R) NICs combinations

    • Platform details:
      • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2697A v4 @ 2.60GHz
      • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2697 v3 @ 2.60GHz
      • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v2 @ 2.80GHz
      • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v4 @ 2.20GHz
      • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2640 @ 2.50GHz
      • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 v4 @ 2.10GHz
    • OS:
      • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.3 (Maipo)
      • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.2 (Maipo)
      • Ubuntu 16.10
      • Ubuntu 16.04
      • Ubuntu 14.04
    • MLNX_OFED: 4.2-
    • NICs:
      • Mellanox(R) ConnectX(R)-3 Pro 40G MCX354A-FCC_Ax (2x40G)
        • Host interface: PCI Express 3.0 x8
        • Device ID: 15b3:1007
        • Firmware version: 2.42.5000
      • Mellanox(R) ConnectX(R)-4 10G MCX4111A-XCAT (1x10G)
        • Host interface: PCI Express 3.0 x8
        • Device ID: 15b3:1013
        • Firmware version: 12.21.1000
      • Mellanox(R) ConnectX(R)-4 10G MCX4121A-XCAT (2x10G)
        • Host interface: PCI Express 3.0 x8
        • Device ID: 15b3:1013
        • Firmware version: 12.21.1000
      • Mellanox(R) ConnectX(R)-4 25G MCX4111A-ACAT (1x25G)
        • Host interface: PCI Express 3.0 x8
        • Device ID: 15b3:1013
        • Firmware version: 12.21.1000
      • Mellanox(R) ConnectX(R)-4 25G MCX4121A-ACAT (2x25G)
        • Host interface: PCI Express 3.0 x8
        • Device ID: 15b3:1013
        • Firmware version: 12.21.1000
      • Mellanox(R) ConnectX(R)-4 40G MCX4131A-BCAT/MCX413A-BCAT (1x40G)
        • Host interface: PCI Express 3.0 x8
        • Device ID: 15b3:1013
        • Firmware version: 12.21.1000
      • Mellanox(R) ConnectX(R)-4 40G MCX415A-BCAT (1x40G)
        • Host interface: PCI Express 3.0 x16
        • Device ID: 15b3:1013
        • Firmware version: 12.21.1000
      • Mellanox(R) ConnectX(R)-4 50G MCX4131A-GCAT/MCX413A-GCAT (1x50G)
        • Host interface: PCI Express 3.0 x8
        • Device ID: 15b3:1013
        • Firmware version: 12.21.1000
      • Mellanox(R) ConnectX(R)-4 50G MCX414A-BCAT (2x50G)
        • Host interface: PCI Express 3.0 x8
        • Device ID: 15b3:1013
        • Firmware version: 12.21.1000
      • Mellanox(R) ConnectX(R)-4 50G MCX415A-GCAT/MCX416A-BCAT/MCX416A-GCAT (2x50G)
        • Host interface: PCI Express 3.0 x16
        • Device ID: 15b3:1013
        • Firmware version: 12.21.1000
      • Mellanox(R) ConnectX(R)-4 50G MCX415A-CCAT (1x100G)
        • Host interface: PCI Express 3.0 x16
        • Device ID: 15b3:1013
        • Firmware version: 12.21.1000
      • Mellanox(R) ConnectX(R)-4 100G MCX416A-CCAT (2x100G)
        • Host interface: PCI Express 3.0 x16
        • Device ID: 15b3:1013
        • Firmware version: 12.21.1000
      • Mellanox(R) ConnectX(R)-4 Lx 10G MCX4121A-XCAT (2x10G)
        • Host interface: PCI Express 3.0 x8
        • Device ID: 15b3:1015
        • Firmware version: 14.21.1000
      • Mellanox(R) ConnectX(R)-4 Lx 25G MCX4121A-ACAT (2x25G)
        • Host interface: PCI Express 3.0 x8
        • Device ID: 15b3:1015
        • Firmware version: 14.21.1000
      • Mellanox(R) ConnectX(R)-5 100G MCX556A-ECAT (2x100G)
        • Host interface: PCI Express 3.0 x16
        • Device ID: 15b3:1017
        • Firmware version: 16.21.1000
      • Mellanox(R) ConnectX-5 Ex EN 100G MCX516A-CDAT (2x100G)
        • Host interface: PCI Express 4.0 x16
        • Device ID: 15b3:1019
        • Firmware version: 16.21.1000
  • ARM platforms with Mellanox(R) NICs combinations

    • Platform details:
      • Qualcomm ARM 1.1 2500MHz
    • OS:
      • Ubuntu 16.04
    • MLNX_OFED: 4.2-
    • NICs:
      • Mellanox(R) ConnectX(R)-4 Lx 25G MCX4121A-ACAT (2x25G)
        • Host interface: PCI Express 3.0 x8
        • Device ID: 15b3:1015
        • Firmware version: 14.21.1000
      • Mellanox(R) ConnectX(R)-5 100G MCX556A-ECAT (2x100G)
        • Host interface: PCI Express 3.0 x16
        • Device ID: 15b3:1017
        • Firmware version: 16.21.1000

2.8. Fixes in 17.11 LTS Release

2.8.1. 17.11.1

  • app/procinfo: add compilation option in config
  • app/testpmd: fix crash of txonly with multiple segments
  • app/testpmd: fix flow director filter
  • app/testpmd: fix flowgen forwarding offload flags
  • app/testpmd: fix invalid Rx queue number setting
  • app/testpmd: fix invalid Tx queue number setting
  • app/testpmd: fix port configuration print
  • app/testpmd: fix port id allocation
  • app/testpmd: fix port index in RSS forward config
  • app/testpmd: fix port topology in RSS forward config
  • app/testpmd: fix port validation
  • app/testpmd: remove xenvirt again
  • bus/dpaa: fix ARM big endian build
  • bus/dpaa: fix build when assert enabled
  • bus/dpaa: fix default IOVA mode
  • bus/fslmc: fix build with latest glibc
  • bus/fslmc: fix the cplusplus macro closure
  • bus/pci: fix interrupt handler type
  • bus/pci: forbid IOVA mode if IOMMU address width too small
  • bus/vdev: continue probing after a device failure
  • cmdline: avoid garbage in unused fields of parsed result
  • cmdline: fix dynamic tokens parsing
  • cryptodev: add missing CPU flag string
  • cryptodev: fix function prototype
  • cryptodev: fix session pointer cast
  • crypto/dpaa2_sec: fix enum conversion for GCM
  • crypto: fix pedantic compilation
  • crypto/qat: fix allocation check and leak
  • crypto/qat: fix null auth algo overwrite
  • crypto/qat: fix out-of-bounds access
  • crypto/qat: fix parameter type
  • crypto/scheduler: fix strncpy
  • doc: fix format in OpenSSL installation guide
  • doc: fix lists of supported crypto algorithms
  • drivers: change the deprecated memseg physaddr to IOVA
  • eal/arm64: remove the braces in memory barrier macros
  • eal/ppc64: revert arch-specific TSC freq query
  • eal/ppc: remove the braces in memory barrier macros
  • ethdev: fix link autonegotiation value
  • ethdev: fix missing imissed counter in xstats
  • ethdev: fix port data reset timing
  • ethdev: fix port id allocation
  • eventdev: fix doxygen comments
  • eventdev: set error code in port link/unlink functions
  • event/octeontx: fix Rx adapter port id mapping
  • event/sw: fix debug logging config option
  • event/sw: fix queue memory leak and multi-link bug
  • examples/bond: check mbuf allocation
  • examples/bond: fix vdev name
  • examples/ip_pipeline: fix timer period unit
  • examples/ipsec-secgw: fix corner case for SPI value
  • examples/ipsec-secgw: fix missing ingress flow attribute
  • examples/ipsec-secgw: fix SPI byte order in flow item
  • examples/ipsec-secgw: fix usage of incorrect port
  • examples/l3fwd-power: fix frequency detection
  • examples/l3fwd-power: fix Rx without interrupt
  • examples/vhost: fix sending ARP packet to self
  • examples/vhost: fix startup check
  • flow_classify: fix ISO C in exported header
  • igb_uio: allow multi-process access
  • keepalive: fix state alignment
  • kni: fix build dependency
  • kni: fix build with kernel 4.15
  • lib: fix missing includes in exported headers
  • log: fix memory leak in regexp level set
  • lpm: fix ARM big endian build
  • malloc: fix end for bounded elements
  • malloc: protect stats with lock
  • mbuf: fix NULL freeing when debug enabled
  • mbuf: fix performance of freeing with non atomic refcnt
  • member: fix ISO C in exported header
  • member: fix memory leak on error
  • mempool: fix first memory area notification
  • mempool: fix physical contiguous check
  • mempool/octeontx: fix improper memory barrier
  • mempool/octeontx: fix memory area registration
  • mempool/octeontx: fix natural alignment being optimized out
  • memzone: fix leak on allocation error
  • mk: fix external build
  • mk: remove TILE-Gx machine type
  • mk: support renamed Makefile in external project
  • net/bnxt: fix check for ether type
  • net/bnxt: fix double increment of idx during Tx ring alloc
  • net/bnxt: fix duplicate filter pattern creation error
  • net/bnxt: fix duplicate pattern for 5tuple filter
  • net/bnxt: fix group info usage
  • net/bnxt: fix link speed setting with autoneg off
  • net/bnxt: fix number of pools for RSS
  • net/bnxt: fix return code in MAC address set
  • net/bnxt: fix Rx checksum flags
  • net/bnxt: fix size of Tx ring in HW
  • net/bnxt: free the aggregation ring
  • net/bnxt: parse checksum offload flags
  • net/bonding: check error of MAC address setting
  • net/bonding: fix activated slave in 8023ad mode
  • net/bonding: fix bonding in 8023ad mode
  • net/bonding: fix setting slave MAC addresses
  • net/dpaa: fix FW version code
  • net/dpaa: fix potential memory leak
  • net/dpaa: fix the mbuf packet type if zero
  • net/dpaa: fix uninitialized and unused variables
  • net/e1000: fix null pointer check
  • net/e1000: fix VF Rx interrupt enabling
  • net/ena: do not set Tx L4 offloads in Rx path
  • net/enic: fix crash due to static max number of queues
  • net/enic: fix L4 Rx ptype comparison
  • net/failsafe: fix invalid free
  • net/failsafe: fix Rx safe check compiler hint
  • net: fix ESP header byte ordering definition
  • net/fm10k: fix logical port delete
  • net/i40e: add debug logs when writing global registers
  • net/i40e: add FDIR NVGRE parameter check
  • net/i40e: check multi-driver option parsing
  • net/i40e: exclude LLDP packet count
  • net/i40e: fix ARM big endian build
  • net/i40e: fix FDIR input set conflict
  • net/i40e: fix FDIR rule confiliction issue
  • net/i40e: fix flag for MAC address write
  • net/i40e: fix flow director Rx resource defect
  • net/i40e: fix interrupt conflict with multi-driver
  • net/i40e: fix ISO C in exported header
  • net/i40e: fix memory leak
  • net/i40e: fix multiple DDP packages conflict
  • net/i40e: fix multiple driver support
  • net/i40e: fix packet type for X722
  • net/i40e: fix port segmentation fault when restart
  • net/i40e: fix Rx interrupt
  • net/i40e: fix setting MAC address of VF
  • net/i40e: fix setting of MAC address on i40evf
  • net/i40e: fix VF reset stats crash
  • net/i40e: fix VF Rx interrupt enabling
  • net/i40e: fix VLAN offload setting
  • net/i40e: fix VLAN offload setting issue
  • net/i40e: fix VSI MAC filter on primary address change
  • net/i40e: warn when writing global registers
  • net/igb: fix Tx queue number assignment
  • net/ixgbe: fix ARM big endian build
  • net/ixgbe: fix max queue number for VF
  • net/ixgbe: fix parsing FDIR NVGRE issue
  • net/ixgbe: fix reset error handling
  • net/ixgbe: fix the failure of number of Tx queue check
  • net/ixgbe: fix tunnel filter fail problem
  • net/ixgbe: fix VF Rx interrupt enabling
  • net/ixgbe: fix wrong PBA setting
  • net/mlx4: fix drop flow resources leak
  • net/mlx4: fix Rx offload non-fragmented indication
  • net/mlx4: fix Tx packet drop application report
  • net/mlx4: fix unnecessary include
  • net/mlx4: revert workaround for broken Verbs
  • net/mlx5: cleanup allocation of ethtool stats
  • net/mlx5: fix calculation of flow ID flag
  • net/mlx5: fix deadlock of link status alarm
  • net/mlx5: fix flow item validation
  • net/mlx5: fix flow priority on queue action
  • net/mlx5: fix flow RSS configuration
  • net/mlx5: fix handling link status event
  • net/mlx5: fix HW checksum offload for outer IP
  • net/mlx5: fix link state on device start
  • net/mlx5: fix memory region boundary checks
  • net/mlx5: fix memory region cache last index
  • net/mlx5: fix memory region cache lookup
  • net/mlx5: fix memory region lookup
  • net/mlx5: fix Memory Region registration
  • net/mlx5: fix missing attribute size for drop action
  • net/mlx5: fix missing RSS capability
  • net/mlx5: fix overflow of Memory Region cache
  • net/mlx5: fix overwriting bit-fields in SW Rx queue
  • net/mlx5: fix port stop by verify flows are still present
  • net/mlx5: fix return value of start operation
  • net/mlx5: fix RSS key configuration
  • net/mlx5: fix secondary process verification
  • net/mlx5: fix Tx checksum offloads
  • net/mlx5: fix UAR remapping on non configured queues
  • net/mlx5: fix un-supported RSS hash fields use
  • net/mlx5: fix VLAN configuration after port stop
  • net/mlx5: remove parser/flow drop queue
  • net/mlx5: use PCI address as port name
  • net/mrvl: fix HIF objects allocation
  • net/mrvl: fix multiple probe
  • net/mrvl: fix oversize bpool handling
  • net/mrvl: fix shadow queue tail and size calculations
  • net/mrvl: keep shadow Txqs inside PMD Txq
  • net/nfp: fix CRC strip check behaviour
  • net/nfp: fix jumbo settings
  • net/nfp: fix MTU settings
  • net/octeontx: add channel to port id mapping
  • net/pcap: fix the NUMA id display in logs
  • net/qede/base: fix VF LRO tunnel configuration
  • net/qede: check tunnel L3 header
  • net/qede: fix clearing of queue stats
  • net/qede: fix few log messages
  • net/qede: fix MTU set and max Rx length
  • net/qede: fix to enable LRO over tunnels
  • net/qede: fix to reject config with no Rx queue
  • net/qede: fix tunnel header size in Tx BD configuration
  • net/qede: replace config option with run-time arg
  • net/sfc: do not hold management event queue lock while MCDI
  • net/sfc: fix DMA memory leak after kvarg processing failure
  • net/sfc: fix flow RSS check in error handling
  • net/sfc: fix incorrect bitwise ORing of L3/L4 packet types
  • net/sfc: fix initialization of flow structure
  • net/sfc: fix label name to be consistent
  • net/sfc: fix main MAC address handling
  • net/sfc: fix multicast address list copy memory leak
  • net/sfc: stop periodic DMA if MAC stats upload fails
  • net/szedata2: fix check of mmap return value
  • net/tap: fix cleanup on allocation failure
  • net/tap: remove unused kernel version definitions
  • net/thunderx: fix multi segment Tx function return
  • net/virtio: fix incorrect cast
  • net/virtio: fix memory leak when reinitializing device
  • net/virtio: fix queue flushing with vector Rx enabled
  • net/virtio: fix Rx and Tx handler selection for ARM32
  • net/virtio: fix typo in LRO support
  • net/virtio: fix vector Rx flushing
  • net/virtio-user: fix crash as features change
  • pdump: fix error check when creating/canceling thread
  • pmdinfogen: fix cross compilation for ARM big endian
  • security: fix device operation type
  • security: fix enum start value
  • security: fix pedantic compilation
  • service: fix lcore role after delete
  • service: fix number mapped cores count
  • service: fix possible mem leak on initialize
  • service: fix service core launch
  • test/bitmap: fix memory leak
  • test/crypto: fix missing include
  • test/eventdev: use CPU event type
  • test/memzone: fix freeing test
  • test/memzone: fix NULL freeing
  • test/memzone: fix wrong test
  • test: register test as failed if setup failed
  • test/reorder: fix memory leak
  • test/ring: fix memory leak
  • test/ring_perf: fix memory leak
  • test/table: fix memory leak
  • test/table: fix uninitialized parameter
  • test/timer_perf: fix memory leak
  • timer: fix reset on service cores
  • usertools/devbind: fix kernel module reporting
  • vfio: fix enabled check on error
  • vhost: fix crash
  • vhost: fix dequeue zero copy with virtio1
  • vhost: fix error code check when creating thread
  • vhost: fix IOTLB pool out-of-memory handling
  • vhost: fix mbuf free
  • vhost: protect active rings from async ring changes
  • vhost: remove pending IOTLB entry if miss request failed

2.8.2. 17.11.2

  • examples/vhost: move to safe GPA translation API
  • examples/vhost_scsi: move to safe GPA translation API
  • vhost: add support for non-contiguous indirect descs tables (fixes CVE-2018-1059)
  • vhost: check all range is mapped when translating GPAs (fixes CVE-2018-1059)
  • vhost: deprecate unsafe GPA translation API (fixes CVE-2018-1059)
  • vhost: ensure all range is mapped when translating QVAs (fixes CVE-2018-1059)
  • vhost: fix indirect descriptors table translation size (fixes CVE-2018-1059)
  • vhost: handle virtually non-contiguous buffers in Rx (fixes CVE-2018-1059)
  • vhost: handle virtually non-contiguous buffers in Rx-mrg (fixes CVE-2018-1059)
  • vhost: handle virtually non-contiguous buffers in Tx (fixes CVE-2018-1059)
  • vhost: introduce safe API for GPA translation (fixes CVE-2018-1059)

2.8.3. 17.11.3

  • app/crypto-perf: check minimum lcore number
  • app/crypto-perf: fix excess crypto device error
  • app/crypto-perf: fix IOVA translation
  • app/crypto-perf: fix parameters copy
  • app/crypto-perf: use strcpy for allocated string
  • app/procinfo: fix strncpy usage in args parsing
  • app/testpmd: fix burst stats reporting
  • app/testpmd: fix command token
  • app/testpmd: fix empty list of RSS queues for flow
  • app/testpmd: fix forward ports Rx flush
  • app/testpmd: fix forward ports update
  • app/testpmd: fix removed device link status asking
  • app/testpmd: fix slave port detection
  • app/testpmd: fix synchronic port hotplug
  • app/testpmd: fix valid ports prints
  • bus/dpaa: fix resource leak
  • bus/fslmc: fix find device start condition
  • bus/pci: fix find device implementation
  • bus/vdev: fix finding device by name
  • cryptodev: fix supported size check
  • crypto/dpaa2_sec: fix HMAC supported digest sizes
  • crypto/scheduler: fix 64-bit mask of workers cores
  • crypto/scheduler: fix memory leak
  • crypto/scheduler: fix multicore rings re-use
  • crypto/scheduler: fix possible duplicated ring names
  • crypto/scheduler: set null pointer after freeing
  • crypto/zuc: batch ops with same transform
  • crypto/zuc: do not set default op status
  • doc: add timestamp offload to mlx5 features
  • doc: fix NFP NIC guide grammar
  • drivers/net: fix link autoneg value for virtual PMDs
  • eal/ppc: remove braces in SMP memory barrier macro
  • ethdev: fix port accessing after release
  • ethdev: fix queue start
  • event/dpaa2: remove link from info structure
  • examples/exception_path: limit core count to 64
  • examples/l2fwd-crypto: fix the default aead assignments
  • examples/performance-thread: fix return type of threads
  • examples/quota_watermark: fix return type of threads
  • hash: fix missing spinlock unlock in add key
  • ip_frag: fix double free of chained mbufs
  • kni: fix build on CentOS 7.4
  • kni: fix build on RHEL 7.5
  • mbuf: fix Tx checksum offload API doc
  • mbuf: improve tunnel Tx offloads API doc
  • mem: do not use physical addresses in IOVA as VA mode
  • mempool: fix leak when no objects are populated
  • mempool: fix virtual address population
  • mk: fix make defconfig on FreeBSD
  • net: add IPv6 header fields macros
  • net/bnx2x: do not cast function pointers as a policy
  • net/bnx2x: fix for PCI FLR after ungraceful exit
  • net/bnx2x: fix KR2 device check
  • net/bnx2x: fix memzone name overrun
  • net/bnxt: avoid invalid vnic id in set L2 Rx mask
  • net/bnxt: fix endianness of flag
  • net/bnxt: fix license header
  • net/bnxt: fix LRO disable
  • net/bnxt: fix Rx checksum flags
  • net/bnxt: fix Rx checksum flags for tunnel frames
  • net/bnxt: fix Rx drop setting
  • net/bnxt: fix Rx mbuf and agg ring leak in dev stop
  • net/bnxt: fix usage of vnic id
  • net/bnxt: free memory allocated for VF filters
  • net/bnxt: set padding flags in Rx descriptor
  • net/bonding: clear started state if start fails
  • net/bonding: export mode 4 slave info routine
  • net/bonding: fix primary slave port id storage type
  • net/bonding: fix setting VLAN ID on slave ports
  • net/bonding: fix slave activation simultaneously
  • net/bonding: free mempool used in mode 6
  • net/dpaa2: fix xstats
  • net/dpaa: fix oob access
  • net/enic: allocate stats DMA buffer upfront during probe
  • net/enic: fix crash on MTU update with non-setup queues
  • net/failsafe: fix duplicate event registration
  • net/failsafe: fix probe cleanup
  • net/failsafe: fix removed sub-device cleanup
  • net/i40e: fix DDP profile DEL operation
  • net/i40e: fix failing to disable FDIR Tx queue
  • net/i40e: fix intr callback unregister by adding retry
  • net/i40e: fix link status update
  • net/i40e: fix link update no wait
  • net/i40e: fix shifts of signed values
  • net/ixgbe: enable vector PMD for icc 32 bits
  • net/ixgbe: fix busy wait during checking link status
  • net/ixgbe: fix DCB configuration
  • net/ixgbe: fix intr callback unregister by adding retry
  • net/ixgbe: fix too many interrupts
  • net/liquidio: fix link state fetching during start
  • net/mlx4: avoid constant recreations in function
  • net/mlx4: fix a typo in header file
  • net/mlx4: fix broadcast Rx
  • net/mlx4: fix removal detection of stopped port
  • net/mlx4: fix RSS resource leak in case of error
  • net/mlx4: fix Rx resource leak in case of error
  • net/mlx4: fix single port configuration
  • net/mlx4: fix UDP flow rule limitation enforcement
  • net/mlx4: store RSS hash result in mbufs
  • net/mlx5: add data-plane debug message macro
  • net/mlx5: add missing function documentation
  • net/mlx5: add packet type index for TCP ack
  • net/mlx5: change device reference for secondary process
  • net/mlx5: change non failing function return values
  • net/mlx5: change pkt burst select function prototype
  • net/mlx5: change tunnel flow priority
  • net/mlx5: enforce RSS key length limitation
  • net/mlx5: fix allocation when no memory on device NUMA node
  • net/mlx5: fix build with clang on ARM
  • net/mlx5: fix calculation of Tx TSO inline room size
  • net/mlx5: fix close after start failure
  • net/mlx5: fix count in xstats
  • net/mlx5: fix CRC strip capability query
  • net/mlx5: fix disabling Tx packet inlining
  • net/mlx5: fix double free on error handling
  • net/mlx5: fix ethtool link setting call order
  • net/mlx5: fix existing file removal
  • net/mlx5: fix flow creation with a single target queue
  • net/mlx5: fix flow director conversion
  • net/mlx5: fix flow director drop rule deletion crash
  • net/mlx5: fix flow director mask
  • net/mlx5: fix flow director rule deletion crash
  • net/mlx5: fix flow validation
  • net/mlx5: fix icc build
  • net/mlx5: fix invalid flow item check
  • net/mlx5: fix IPv6 header fields
  • net/mlx5: fix link status behavior
  • net/mlx5: fix link status initialization
  • net/mlx5: fix link status to use wait to complete
  • net/mlx5: fix probe return value polarity
  • net/mlx5: fix reception of multiple MAC addresses
  • net/mlx5: fix resource leak in case of error
  • net/mlx5: fix RSS flow action bounds check
  • net/mlx5: fix RSS key length query
  • net/mlx5: fix secondary process mempool registration
  • net/mlx5: fix socket connection return value
  • net/mlx5: fix sriov flag
  • net/mlx5: fix synchronization on polling Rx completions
  • net/mlx5: improve flow error explanation
  • net/mlx5: map UAR address around huge pages
  • net/mlx5: mark parameters with unused attribute
  • net/mlx5: name parameters in function prototypes
  • net/mlx5: normalize function prototypes
  • net/mlx5: prefix all functions with mlx5
  • net/mlx5: refuse empty VLAN flow specification
  • net/mlx5: remove 32-bit support
  • net/mlx5: remove assert un-accessible from secondary process
  • net/mlx5: remove control path locks
  • net/mlx5: remove excessive data prefetch
  • net/mlx5: remove get priv internal function
  • net/mlx5: remove kernel version check
  • net/mlx5: remove useless empty lines
  • net/mlx5: setup RSS regardless of queue count
  • net/mlx5: split L3/L4 in flow director
  • net/mlx5: standardize on negative errno values
  • net/mlx5: use dynamic logging
  • net/mlx5: use port id in PMD log
  • net/mlx5: warn for unsuccessful memory registration
  • net/mlx: control netdevices through ioctl only
  • net/mrvl: fix crash when port is closed without starting
  • net/mrvl: fix Rx descriptors number
  • net/nfp: fix assigning port id in mbuf
  • net/nfp: fix barrier location
  • net/nfp: fix link speed capabilities
  • net/nfp: fix mbufs releasing when stop or close
  • net/octeontx: fix null pointer dereference
  • net/octeontx: fix uninitialized speed variable
  • net/octeontx: fix uninitialized variable in port open
  • net/qede/base: fix to support OVLAN mode
  • net/qede: fix alloc from socket 0
  • net/qede: fix device stop to remove primary MAC
  • net/qede: fix L2-handles used for RSS hash update
  • net/qede: fix memory alloc for multiple port reconfig
  • net/qede: fix missing loop index in Tx SG mode
  • net/qede: fix multicast filtering
  • net/qede: fix to prevent overwriting packet type
  • net/qede: fix unicast filter routine return code
  • net/qede: fix VF port creation sequence
  • net/sfc: add missing defines for SAL annotation
  • net/sfc: add missing Rx fini on RSS setup fail path
  • net/sfc/base: fix comparison always true warning
  • net/sfc: fix mbuf data alignment calculation
  • net/sfc: fix type of opaque pointer in perf profile handler
  • net/sfc: ignore spec bits not covered by mask
  • net/sfc: process RSS settings on Rx configure step
  • net/szedata2: fix format string for PCI address
  • net/szedata2: fix total stats
  • net/tap: fix icc build
  • net/vhost: fix crash when creating vdev dynamically
  • net/vhost: fix invalid state
  • net/vhost: initialise device as inactive
  • net/vmxnet3: set the queue shared buffer at start
  • nfp: allow for non-root user
  • nfp: restore the unlink operation
  • nfp: unlink the appropriate lock file
  • pci: remove duplicated symbol from map file
  • test/distributor: fix return type of thread function
  • test: fix memory flags test for low NUMA nodes number
  • test/mempool: fix autotest retry
  • test/pipeline: fix return type of stub miss
  • test/pipeline: fix type of table entry parameter
  • test/reorder: fix freeing mbuf twice
  • vfio: do not needlessly check for IOVA mode
  • vhost: check cmsg not null
  • vhost: fix compilation issue when vhost debug enabled
  • vhost: fix dead lock on closing in server mode
  • vhost: fix device cleanup at stop
  • vhost: fix message payload union in setting ring address
  • vhost: fix offset while mmaping log base address
  • vhost: fix realloc failure
  • vhost: fix ring index returned to master on stop

2.8.4. 17.11.4

  • app/crypto-perf: fix auth IV offset
  • app/testpmd: fix buffer leak in TM command
  • app/testpmd: fix DCB config
  • app/testpmd: fix VLAN TCI mask set error for FDIR
  • bitrate: add sanity check on parameters
  • bus/dpaa: fix buffer offset setting in FMAN
  • bus/dpaa: fix build
  • bus/dpaa: fix phandle support for Linux 4.16
  • bus/pci: use IOVAs check when setting IOVA mode
  • crypto/qat: fix checks for 3GPP algo bit params
  • doc: fix bonding command in testpmd
  • doc: update qede management firmware guide
  • eal: fix bitmap documentation
  • eal: fix return codes on thread naming failure
  • eal/linux: fix invalid syntax in interrupts
  • eal/linux: fix uninitialized value
  • ethdev: fix a doxygen comment for port allocation
  • ethdev: fix queue statistics mapping documentation
  • eventdev: add event buffer flush in Rx adapter
  • eventdev: fix internal port logic in Rx adapter
  • eventdev: fix missing update to Rx adaper WRR position
  • eventdev: fix port in Rx adapter internal function
  • eventdev: fix Rx SW adapter stop
  • event: fix ring init failure handling
  • event/octeontx: remove unnecessary port start and stop
  • examples/exception_path: fix out-of-bounds read
  • examples: fix strncpy error for GCC8
  • examples/flow_filtering: add flow director config for i40e
  • examples/ipsec-secgw: fix bypass rule processing
  • examples/ipsec-secgw: fix IPv4 checksum at Tx
  • examples/l2fwd-crypto: check return value on IV size check
  • examples/l2fwd-crypto: fix digest with AEAD algo
  • examples/l2fwd-crypto: skip device not supporting operation
  • examples/l3fwd: remove useless include
  • hash: fix a multi-writer race condition
  • hash: fix doxygen of return values
  • hash: fix key slot size accuracy
  • hash: fix multiwriter lock memory allocation
  • kni: fix build on RHEL 7.5
  • kni: fix build with gcc 8.1
  • kni: fix crash with null name
  • maintainers: claim maintainership for ARM v7 and v8
  • maintainers: update for Mellanox PMDs
  • mem: add function for checking memsegs IOVAs addresses
  • mem: fix max DMA maskbit size
  • mem: use address hint for mapping hugepages
  • metrics: add check for invalid key
  • metrics: disallow null as metric name
  • metrics: do not fail silently when uninitialised
  • mk: fix cross build
  • mk: fix permissions when using make install
  • mk: remove unnecessary test rules
  • mk: update targets for classified tests
  • net/bnx2x: fix FW command timeout during stop
  • net/bnx2x: fix poll link status
  • net/bnx2x: fix to set device link status
  • net/bnxt: add missing ids in xstats
  • net/bnxt: check access denied for HWRM commands
  • net/bnxt: check for invalid vNIC id
  • net/bnxt: fix filter freeing
  • net/bnxt: fix HW Tx checksum offload check
  • net/bnxt: fix lock release on NVM write failure
  • net/bnxt: fix memory leaks in NVM commands
  • net/bnxt: fix RETA size
  • net/bnxt: fix Rx ring count limitation
  • net/bnxt: fix set MTU
  • net/bnxt: fix to move a flow to a different queue
  • net/bnxt: use correct flags during VLAN configuration
  • net/bonding: always update bonding link status
  • net/bonding: do not clear active slave count
  • net/bonding: fix MAC address reset
  • net/bonding: fix race condition
  • net/cxgbe: fix init failure due to new flash parts
  • net/cxgbe: fix Rx channel map and queue type
  • net/dpaa2: remove loop for unused pool entries
  • net/ena: change memory type
  • net/ena: check pointer before memset
  • net/ena: fix GENMASK_ULL macro
  • net/ena: fix SIGFPE with 0 Rx queue
  • net/ena: set link speed as none
  • net/enic: add devarg to specify ingress VLAN rewrite mode
  • net/enic: do not overwrite admin Tx queue limit
  • net/i40e: fix check of flow director programming status
  • net/i40e: fix link speed
  • net/i40e: fix packet type parsing with DDP
  • net/i40e: fix setting TPID with AQ command
  • net/i40e: fix shifts of 32-bit value
  • net/i40e: revert fix of flow director check
  • net/i40e: workaround performance degradation
  • net/ixgbe: add support for VLAN in IP mode FDIR
  • net/ixgbe: fix mask bits register set error for FDIR
  • net/ixgbe: fix tunnel id format error for FDIR
  • net/ixgbe: fix tunnel type set error for FDIR
  • net/mlx4: check RSS queues number limitation
  • net/mlx4: fix minor resource leak during init
  • net/mlx5: add missing sanity checks for Tx completion queue
  • net/mlx5: fix assert for Tx completion queue count
  • net/mlx5: fix build with old kernels
  • net/mlx5: fix compilation for rdma-core v19
  • net/mlx5: fix crash in device probe
  • net/mlx5: fix error number handling
  • net/mlx5: fix flow search on FDIR deletion
  • net/mlx5: fix queue rollback when starting device
  • net/mlx5: fix return value when deleting fdir filter
  • net/mlx5: fix Rx buffer replenishment threshold
  • net/mlx5: fix secondary process resource leakage
  • net/mlx5: fix TCI mask filter
  • net/mlx5: preserve allmulticast flag for flow isolation mode
  • net/mlx5: preserve promiscuous flag for flow isolation mode
  • net/mvpp2: check pointer before using it
  • net/nfp: check hugepages IOVAs based on DMA mask
  • net/nfp: fix field initialization in Tx descriptor
  • net/nfp: support IOVA VA mode
  • net/octeontx: fix stop clearing Rx/Tx functions
  • net/pcap: fix multiple queues
  • net/qede/base: fix GRC attention callback
  • net/qede/base: fix to clear HW indication
  • net/qede: fix default extended VLAN offload config
  • net/qede: fix for devargs
  • net/qede: fix incorrect link status update
  • net/qede: fix interrupt handler unregister
  • net/qede: fix legacy interrupt mode
  • net/qede: fix link change event notification
  • net/qede: fix MAC address removal failure message
  • net/qede: fix ntuple filter configuration
  • net/qede: fix unicast MAC address handling in VF
  • net/qede: fix VF MTU update
  • net/qede: remove primary MAC removal
  • net/sfc: cut non VLAN ID bits from TCI
  • net/sfc: fix assert in set multicast address list
  • net/sfc: handle unknown L3 packet class in EF10 event parser
  • net/tap: fix zeroed flow mask configurations
  • net/thunderx: avoid sq door bell write on zero packet
  • net/thunderx: fix build with gcc optimization on
  • ring: fix sign conversion warning
  • security: fix crash on destroy null session
  • test/crypto: fix device id when stopping port
  • test: fix code on report
  • test: fix EAL flags autotest on FreeBSD
  • test: fix result printing
  • test: fix uninitialized port configuration
  • test/flow_classify: fix return types
  • test/hash: fix multiwriter with non consecutive cores
  • test/hash: fix potential memory leak
  • test: improve filtering
  • test: make autotest runner python 2/3 compliant
  • test: print autotest categories
  • vfio: fix PCI address comparison
  • vhost: fix missing increment of log cache count
  • vhost: flush IOTLB cache on new mem table handling
  • vhost: improve dirty pages logging performance
  • vhost: release locks on RARP packet failure
  • vhost: retranslate vring addr when memory table changes