242. Unit Tests: Mempool

This is the test plan for the Intel® DPDK mempool library.

242.1. Description

  1. Basic tests: done on one core with and without cache:

    • Get one object, put one object
    • Get two objects, put two objects
    • Get all objects, test that their content is not modified and put them back in the pool.
  2. Performance tests:

    Each core get n_keep objects per bulk of n_get_bulk. Then, objects are put back in the pool per bulk of n_put_bulk.

    This sequence is done during TIME_S seconds.

    This test is done on the following configurations:

    • Cores configuration (cores)
      • One core with cache
      • Two cores with cache
      • Max. cores with cache
      • One core without cache
      • Two cores without cache
      • Max. cores without cache
    • Bulk size (n_get_bulk, n_put_bulk)
      • Bulk get from 1 to 32
      • Bulk put from 1 to 32
    • Number of kept objects (n_keep)
      • 32
      • 128