255. Unit Tests: Mbuf

This is the test plan for the Intel® DPDK mbuf library.

255.1. Description

  1. Allocate a mbuf pool.
    • The pool contains NB_MBUF elements, where each mbuf is MBUF_SIZE bytes long.
  2. Test multiple allocations of mbufs from this pool.
    • Allocate NB_MBUF and store pointers in a table.
    • If an allocation fails, return an error.
    • Free all these mbufs.
    • Repeat the same test to check that mbufs were freed correctly.
  3. Test data manipulation in pktmbuf.
    • Alloc an mbuf.
    • Append data using rte_pktmbuf_append().
    • Test for error in rte_pktmbuf_append() when len is too large.
    • Trim data at the end of mbuf using rte_pktmbuf_trim().
    • Test for error in rte_pktmbuf_trim() when len is too large.
    • Prepend a header using rte_pktmbuf_prepend().
    • Test for error in rte_pktmbuf_prepend() when len is too large.
    • Remove data at the beginning of mbuf using rte_pktmbuf_adj().
    • Test for error in rte_pktmbuf_adj() when len is too large.
    • Check that appended data is not corrupt.
    • Free the mbuf.
    • Between all these tests, check data_len and pkt_len, and that the mbuf is contiguous.
    • Repeat the test to check that allocation operations reinitialize the mbuf correctly.