235. Unit Tests: KNI

This is the test plan for the Intel® DPDK KNI library.

This section explains how to run the unit tests for KNI. The test can be launched independently using the command line interface. This test is implemented as a linuxapp environment application.

The complete test suite is launched automatically using a python-expect script (launched using make test) that sends commands to the application and checks the results. A test report is displayed on stdout.

Case config:

For enable KNI features, need to set the "CONFIG_RTE_KNI_KMOD=y" in ./config/common_base and re-build DPDK.

The steps to run the unit test manually are as follow:

# make -C ./app/test/
# insmod ./<TARGET>/kmod/igb_uio.ko
# insmod ./<TARGET>/kmod/rte_kni.ko
# ./app/test/test -n 1 -c ffff
RTE>> kni_autotest
RTE>> quit
# rmmod rte_kni
# rmmod igb_uio

The final output of the test has to be “Test OK”