223. Unit Tests: Cryptodev

223.1. Description

This document provides the plan for testing Cryptodev API via Cryptodev unit tests. Unit tests include supported Hardware and Software PMD(polling mode device) and supported algorithms. Cryptodev API provides ability to do encryption/decryption by integrating QAT(Intel@ QuickAssist Technology) into DPDK. The QAT provides poll mode crypto driver support for Intel@ QuickAssist Adapter 8950 hardware accelerator.

The testing of Crytpodev API should be tested under either Intel QuickAssist Technology DH895xxC hardware accelerator or AES-NI library.

This test suite will run all cryptodev related unit test cases. Alternatively, you could execute the unit tests manually by app/test DPDK application.

223.2. Unit Test List

  • cryptodev_qat_autotest
  • cryptodev_aesni_mb_autotest
  • cryptodev_openssl_autotest
  • cryptodev_aesni_gcm_autotest
  • cryptodev_null_autotest
  • cryptodev_sw_snow3g_autotest
  • cryptodev_sw_kasumi_autotest
  • cryptodev_sw_zuc_autotest
  • cryptodev_scheduler_autotest

223.3. Test Case Setup

  1. Build DPDK and app/test app

  2. Bind cryptodev devices to igb_uio driver

  3. Manually verify the app/test by this command, as example, in your build folder:

    ./app/test -c 1 -n 1
    RTE>> cryptodev_qat_autotest

All Unit Test Cases are listed above.

Expected all tests could pass in testing.