DPDK  21.02.0
Deprecated List
File rte_eth_ctrl.h

Please use rte_flow API instead of this legacy one.

Ethernet device features and related data structures used by control APIs should be defined in this file.

Class rte_flow_action_count
Shared attribute is deprecated, use generic RTE_FLOW_ACTION_TYPE_SHARED action.
Global rte_flow_action_count::shared
Share counter ID with other flow rules.
globalScope> Global rte_flow_copy (struct rte_flow_desc *fd, size_t len, const struct rte_flow_attr *attr, const struct rte_flow_item *items, const struct rte_flow_action *actions)
Copy an rte_flow rule description.
Class rte_flow_desc
See also
globalScope> Global rte_vhost_get_queue_num (int vid)
Get the number of queues the device supports.