1. OverviewΒΆ

SPP_VF provides SR-IOV like network functionality using DPDK for NFV.

PP_VF distributes incoming packets to VMs with referring to virtual MAC address like Virtual Function(VF) of SR-IOV. Virtual MAC address can be defined by commands from spp controller(spp_vf.py).

SPP_VF is multi-process and multi-thread applications. A SPP_VF process is referred to as spp_vf in this document. Each spp_vf has one manager thread and component threads. The manager thread provides function for command processing and creating the component threads. The component threads have its own multiple components, ports and classifier tables including Virtual MAC address.

This is an example of network configuration, in which one classifier_mac, one merger and four forwarders are running in SPP_VF process for two destinations of vhost interface. Incoming packets from rx on host1 are sent to each of vhosts of VM by looking up destination MAC address in the packet.