1. dpdk-hugepages Application

The dpdk-hugepages tool is a Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) utility that helps in reserving hugepages. As well as checking for current settings.

1.1. Running the Application

The tool has a number of command line options:

dpdk-hugepages [options]

1.2. Options

  • -h, --help

    Display usage information and quit

  • -s, --show

    Print the current huge page configuration

  • -c driver, --clear

    Clear existing huge page reservation

  • -m, --mount

    Mount the huge page filesystem

  • -u, --unmount

    Unmount the huge page filesystem

  • -n NODE, --node=NODE

    Set NUMA node to reserve pages on

  • -p SIZE, --pagesize=SIZE

    Select hugepage size to use.

    If not specified the default system huge page size is used.

  • -r SIZE, --reserve=SIZE

    Reserve huge pages.

    Size is in bytes with K, M or G suffix.

  • --setup SIZE

    Short cut to clear, unmount, reserve and mount.


While any user can run the dpdk-hugepages.py script to view the status of huge pages, modifying the setup requires root privileges.

1.3. Examples

To display current huge page settings:

dpdk-hugepages.py -s

To a complete setup of with 2 Gigabyte of 1G huge pages:

dpdk-hugepages.py -p 1G --setup 2G