5. Intel(R) QuickAssist (QAT) Compression Poll Mode Driver

The QAT compression PMD provides poll mode compression & decompression driver support for the following hardware accelerator devices:

  • Intel QuickAssist Technology C62x
  • Intel QuickAssist Technology C3xxx
  • Intel QuickAssist Technology DH895x

5.1. Features

QAT compression PMD has support for:

Compression/Decompression algorithm:

  • DEFLATE - using Fixed and Dynamic Huffman encoding

Window size support:

  • 32K

Checksum generation:

  • CRC32, Adler and combined checksum

Stateful operation:

  • Decompression only

5.2. Limitations

  • Compressdev level 0, no compression, is not supported.
  • Queue-pairs are thread-safe on Intel CPUs but Queues are not (that is, within a single queue-pair all enqueues to the TX queue must be done from one thread and all dequeues from the RX queue must be done from one thread, but enqueues and dequeues may be done in different threads.)
  • No BSD support as BSD QAT kernel driver not available.
  • Stateful compression is not supported.

5.3. Installation

The QAT compression PMD is built by default with a standard DPDK build.

It depends on a QAT kernel driver, see Building PMDs on QAT.