27. DPDK Release 2.0

27.1. New Features

  • Poll-mode driver support for an early release of the PCIE host interface of the Intel(R) Ethernet Switch FM10000.
    • Basic Rx/Tx functions for PF/VF
    • Interrupt handling support for PF/VF
    • Per queue start/stop functions for PF/VF
    • Support Mailbox handling between PF/VF and PF/Switch Manager
    • Receive Side Scaling (RSS) for PF/VF
    • Scatter receive function for PF/VF
    • Reta update/query for PF/VF
    • VLAN filter set for PF
    • Link status query for PF/VF


The software is intended to run on pre-release hardware and may contain unknown or unresolved defects or issues related to functionality and performance. The poll mode driver is also pre-release and will be updated to a released version post hardware and base driver release. Should the official hardware release be made between DPDK releases an updated poll-mode driver will be made available.

  • Link Bonding

    • Support for adaptive load balancing (mode 6) to the link bonding library.
    • Support for registration of link status change callbacks with link bonding devices.
    • Support for slaves devices which do not support link status change interrupts in the link bonding library via a link status polling mechanism.
  • PCI Hotplug with NULL PMD sample application

  • ABI versioning

  • x32 ABI

  • Non-EAL Thread Support

  • Multi-pthread Support

  • Re-order Library

  • ACL for AVX2

  • Architecture Independent CRC Hash

  • uio_pci_generic Support

  • KNI Optimizations

  • Vhost-user support

  • Virtio (link, vlan, mac, port IO, perf)


  • RX/TX Callbacks

  • Unified Flow Types

  • Indirect Attached MBUF Flag

  • Use default port configuration in TestPMD

  • Tunnel offloading in TestPMD

  • Poll Mode Driver - 40 GbE Controllers (librte_pmd_i40e)

    • Support for Flow Director
    • Support for ethertype filter
    • Support RSS in VF
    • Support configuring redirection table with different size from 1GbE and 10 GbE
    • 128/512 entries of 40GbE PF
    • 64 entries of 40GbE VF
    • Support configuring hash functions
    • Support for VXLAN packet on Intel® 40GbE Controllers
  • Poll Mode Driver for Mellanox ConnectX-3 EN adapters (mlx4)


This PMD is only available for Linux and is disabled by default due to external dependencies (libibverbs and libmlx4). Please refer to the NIC drivers guide for more information.

  • Packet Distributor Sample Application
  • Job Stats library and Sample Application.
  • Enhanced Jenkins hash (jhash) library


The hash values returned by the new jhash library are different from the ones returned by the previous library.