5. OCTEON TX2 REE Regexdev Driver

The OCTEON TX2 REE PMD (librte_regex_octeontx2) provides poll mode regexdev driver support for the inbuilt regex device found in the Marvell OCTEON TX2 SoC family.

More information about OCTEON TX2 SoC can be found at Marvell Official Website.

5.1. Features

Features of the OCTEON TX2 REE PMD are:

  • 36 queues
  • Up to 254 matches for each regex operation

5.2. Prerequisites and Compilation procedure

See Marvell OCTEON TX2 Platform Guide for setup information.

5.3. Device Setup

The OCTEON TX2 REE devices will need to be bound to a user-space IO driver for use. The script dpdk-devbind.py script included with DPDK can be used to view the state of the devices and to bind them to a suitable DPDK-supported kernel driver. When querying the status of the devices, they will appear under the category of “REGEX devices”, i.e. the command dpdk-devbind.py --status-dev regex can be used to see the state of those devices alone.

5.4. Debugging Options

Table 5.5 OCTEON TX2 regex device debug options
# Component EAL log command
1 REE –log-level=’pmd.regex.octeontx2,8’