43. OCTEON TX EP Poll Mode driver

The OCTEON TX EP ETHDEV PMD (librte_pmd_octeontx_ep) provides poll mode ethdev driver support for the virtual functions (VF) of Marvell OCTEON TX2 and Cavium OCTEON TX families of adapters in SR-IOV context.

More information can be found at Marvell Official Website.

43.1. Prerequisites

This driver relies on external kernel PF driver for resources allocations and initialization. The following dependencies are not part of DPDK and must be installed separately:

  • Kernel module This module, octeon_drv, drives the physical function, initializes hardware, allocates resources such as number of VFs, input/output queues for itself and the number of i/o queues each VF can use.

See Marvell OCTEON TX2 Platform Guide for SDP interface information which provides PCIe endpoint support for a remote host.