24. DPDK Release 1.8

24.1. New Features

  • Link Bonding

    • Support for 802.3ad link aggregation (mode 4) and transmit load balancing (mode 5) to the link bonding library.

    • Support for registration of link status change callbacks with link bonding devices.

    • Support for slaves devices which do not support link status change interrupts in the link bonding library via a link status polling mechanism.

  • Poll Mode Driver - 40 GbE Controllers (librte_pmd_i40e)

    • Support for Flow Director

    • Support for ethertype filter

    • Support RSS in VF

    • Support configuring redirection table with different size from 1GbE and 10 GbE

    • 128/512 entries of 40GbE PF

    • 64 entries of 40GbE VF

    • Support configuring hash functions

    • Support for VXLAN packet on Intel 40GbE Controllers

  • Packet Distributor Sample Application