3. Compiling the DPDK Target from Source

3.1. System Requirements

The DPDK and its applications require the Clang-LLVM C compiler and Microsoft MSVC linker. The Meson Build system is used to prepare the sources for compilation with the Ninja backend. The installation of these tools is covered in this section.

3.2. Install the Compiler

Download and install the clang compiler from LLVM website. For example, Clang-LLVM direct download link:


3.3. Install the Linker

Download and install the Build Tools for Visual Studio to link and build the files on windows, from Microsoft website. When installing build tools, select the “Visual C++ build tools” option and ensure the Windows SDK is selected.

3.4. Install the Build System

Download and install the build system from Meson website. A good option to choose is the MSI installer for both meson and ninja together:


3.5. Install the Backend

If using Ninja, download and install the backend from Ninja website or install along with the meson build system.

3.6. Build the code

The build environment is setup to build the EAL and the helloworld example by default.

3.6.1. Using the ninja backend

Specifying the compiler might be required to complete the meson command.

set CC=clang

To compile the examples, the flag -Dexamples is required.

cd C:\Users\me\dpdk
meson -Dexamples=helloworld build
cd build

4. Run the helloworld example

Navigate to the examples in the build directory and run dpdk-helloworld.exe.

cd C:\Users\me\dpdk\build\examples
hello from core 1
hello from core 3
hello from core 0
hello from core 2